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Knowledge Graphs, MDM, and data governance the perfect combination!

When we started multi-domain master data management with data governance, our users had the power to ensure that their data was clean. They could provide a single version of the truth throughout the enterprise. Our users were also able to use data governance to manage and control data usage and access. An interesting thing happened during this process; our users started to connect data from various data domains together to create relationships within data.

While the users created these relationships with the data, we started to explore the option of discovering the relationships automatically using machine learning and AI and creating knowledge graphs based on a combination of user input and AI. A knowledge graph's power gets magnified by adding context and external information to existing data. The additional context and new relationships that get created still need a review and governance process bringing back the need for data governance and a feedback loop into the master data management process.

Your knowledge graphs are only as good as your data quality, master data management, and data governance processes! But the combination is a perfect fit.

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