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Are data quality issues in your structured and unstructured data impacting your business’s profitability?

The industry’s first fully integrated comprehensive zero license cost enterprise Data Quality solution will maximize your business’s growth.


Imagine harnessing the power of all of your data with a proactive data quality solution that addresses existing data quality issues and provides monitoring of data to prevent future issues. Stop imagining…OpenDQ™ from Infosolve Technologies can provide your organization with the industry’s first data quality product to integrate structured and unstructured data quality processes. OpenDQ™  enables companies to utilize all of their enterprise data with clarity, consistency and correctness with the industry’s most advanced data quality solution.


Data corruption and data inconsistencies in data can come from many different sources including, data migrations, and flawed data at points of entry, database modifications, and human communication inconsistencies. Whatever the source, data quality issues can significantly impact the ability of your business to use its valuable data to make knowledgeable and insightful decisions. OpenDQ™  integrates data profiling, standardization, enhancement, fuzzy matching and de-duplication components with enterprise class data extraction, transformation and loading software, to create a comprehensive and complete view of enterprise data. Plus, with optional subscription based external data enrichment and data enhancement OpenDQ can seamlessly enhance your data to append firmographic, psychographic, demographic and postal address data.


This innovative solution can change the way your business manages its data with consistent measurement and monitoring of all of your enterprise data. The OpenDQ™ solution is simple and easy to use, and features a rapid implementation model. OpenDQ™ is a proactive, comprehensive solution to address data quality issues and prevent new issues from impacting your mission critical business initiatives. Put OpenDQ™ to work for your business every day (24/7) to achieve the highest quality data all the time.


Leverage the power of all of your enterprise data to drive your business initiatives with OpenDQ™ !

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