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Are data quality issues eroding your bottom line and your organization's competitive advantage?

If the answer is yes--you are not alone, Fifty-three percent of  companies in the recent TDWI study reported they have suffered losses, problems, or costs due to poor data quality.*  Data quality issues can stem from many sources including mergers/ acquisitions, legacy systems, data migrations, and data entry errors. Regardless of the source, these issues add up to costs for your business everyday, in program inefficiencies, missed opportunities and erroneous views of information.


Call us today at 1-877-576-1957 and schedule a 12 minute demo of our Zero based data quality solutions.


At Infosolve Technologies, our team of data quality experts can bring your enterprise data to an accurate, complete and standard state with our innovative solutions. We can improve the quality and enhance all types of data including:



Our comprehensive services include:


  • Address verification and correction (Click here to learn more)

  • Elimination of duplicate records

  • Record linkage( Data matching) Using Fuzzy Matching techniques

  • Detection and elimination of nulls and invalid data

  • Discovery of data patterns and frequency counts

  • Identification of the statistical distribution of data values

  • Exposure of data integrity relationships and their conformity


Drive your business to the next level, with the powerful insight you gain from clean, accurate, current data! Put the power of Zero based data quality solutions to work for your business.


*(TDWI: Taking Data Quality to the Enterprise through Data Governance)

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