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Event-driven Architecture for MDM systems

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

One of the most significant shifts in enterprise architecture has been the event-driven model for information consumption and production. In this model, applications produce and consume information asynchronously instead of the traditional request/response model.

Master data management systems are the source of truth for an organization. An MDM system collects information from various systems in real-time and batch and creates a 360-degree view of the information through several processes. These include match/merge processes followed by certain data governance operations such as review/approval workflows.

For an MDM system to receive data in real-time, it needs to process data from streaming systems such as Kafka/Kinesis and REST/HTTP/SOAP-based sources.

OpenDQ Master Data management framework includes connectors for over 200 applications and has a real-time always-on design. Organizations require information to be available immediately to other systems once the data has been reviewed/approved. Each of these receiving systems may require data in their own format with different data structures and privacy restrictions. OpenDQ gives you the flexibility to configure these with minimum effort.

The best part about OpenDQ is the ZERO license cost. Scale and grow based on your needs without ever thinking about restrictions based on Servers/Cores/Users and a million other ways licensing tortures you :-)

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