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Managed Data Solutions

Identify and Document

Data Assets

Master Data Management

Data Process Flows

Data Quality Assurance

Document Process Flows, Goals and Metrics for Data Assets

Develop Data Governance Framework






Golden Version Of


Trusted Data 


Data Quality Metrics

"A radically different approach to managing your most valuable asset in your organization.


We build, manage and proactively monitor your data processes and data on our comprehensive ZERO license cost solution"

Our most comprehensive solution ensures your organization’s data the most valuable asset is clean and accurate and continues to be in its top operating condition. Power your applications with clean and accurate data, drive profitability and gain insight into your business like never before. Build a solid foundation for your next generation business needs and competitive advantage.


Organizations are challenged in a number of ways to ensure that the data they own and consume is clean, consistent and represents the single version of the truth within the organization. These challenges include:


  • Lack of appropriate software tools

  • Dedicating expensive IT resources

  • Budgetary restrictions in acquiring and maintaining expensive software

  • Challenges in effective monitoring



Our Managed data services include the following:


  • Data Management  Strategy

  • Setting Up Key Performance Indicators

  • Data Governance

  • Master Data Management

  • Data Cleansing and Standardization

  • External Data Enhancements

  • Business Rule Management and Monitoring

  • SLA's on data availability, accuracy and process run times.



To learn more about our Managed Data Solutions please contact sales at or call 1-877-576-1957 Ext 203






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