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OpenDQ  Customer 360

Customer 360 Delivered

Customer data is the lifeblood of an organization. About 80% of data in an organization is unstructured data and the balance 20% is in structured formats. Customer data, structured and unstructured is spread across multiple systems and applications in an enterprise. Data quality issues and data integration issues cause incomplete and duplicate views of your customer data, impacting your business’s ability to have a 360-degree view of your customers.


OpenDQ Customer 360 quickly builds a holistic 360-degree view of customer data from disparate online and offline systems and makes it available in real-time. 








​With Zero license cost OpenDQ Customer 360

  • Deliver an extraordinary customer experience across all channels 

  • Built-in comprehensive data quality 

  • Segment and target customers accurately

  • Identify customers in real-time with advanced identity resolution

  • Enrich customer information with external psychographic, demographic data

  • Reduce risk and identify fraud with advanced knowledge graphs

  • Rich set of API's and connectors for a number of applications

  • Lowest cost of ownership in the market place

Leverage the power of your customer data, increase your business profitability with OpenDQ Customer 360. Schedule a demo today!

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