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ZERO License Cost

Master Data Management


Zero license cost enterprise data quality solution. OpenDQ delivers trusted data to power your enterprise based on a highly advanced technology framework. 

OpenDQ Customer 360 delivers the coveted 360 degree view of your customer data on a zero license cost platform. Power your next generation data analytics, reporting, customer experience and marketing  initiatives.

Let the experts manage your data. Eliminate your data management challenges, our services include integration and maintenance of your data at near Zero defect levels


Knowledge Graphs, MDM, and data governance the perfect combination!

When we started multi-domain master data management with data governance,  our users had the power to ensure that their data was clean. They could provide a single version of the truth throughout the enterprise.     


Infosolve Technologies introduces managed data quality and master data management solutions. Industry's first metrics driven zero license cost solutions for data quality, data governance and master data management


Zero license cost managed Data Quality and Master Data Management solutions. Solving one of the most complex enterprise problems with a metrics-driven production-ready solution


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