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Master Data Management

Data Quality
Data Governance

Zero license cost

Master data management

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OpenDQ master data management platform will be an integral part of your journey towards the single version of the truth and near zero-defect data in your organization.


OpenDQ will help you create, manage and deliver trusted data to power all of your data applications.


Find out why OpenDQ has the lowest total cost of ownership in the market place when compared with other software solutions with similar features.

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Data Quality

Data Profiling

Analyze and gain insights into the current state of your data. Scale from millions to billions of records with our big data based technology framework.

Matching and De-Duplication

Fuzzy logic based matching and de-duplication solution. Real time and batch modes scaling from millions to hundreds of million records.

Data Standardization

Standardize data with user defined dictionaries and pre-built dictionaries. Fuzzy logic based domain agnostic standardization.


Data Parsing

Parse free form text data into respective components using our advanced machine learning components.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your data with demographic, geographic, business and consumer data.

Data Validation

Validate complex business rules and data in real time and batch.


Reporting and Data Monitoring

Report on the quality of the data to gain insight into current and historical data quality  trends. Monitor your data for key data quality metrics and set alerts for pre-defined metrics.

Master Data Management

Flexible Data Model

Manage data from any type of domain. Complete flexibility with unlimited number of data attributes.


Seamless integration with other applications and processes.

Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premise Deployments

Complete flexibility pick and choose your environment based on your needs and priorities.


Comprehensive Role Based Security

Role based security for different user groups with data level, domain level access.


Data Steward User Interfaces

Manage, maintain and improve the master data to meet the governance requirements of the organization.

AI &  Machine Learning

Pre-built libraries surface insights and automate data discovery.

Deliver Trusted Data

Deliver trusted data to over 200 applications from OpenDQ using configurations.

Data Governance

Business Glossary

Identify your key data assets, define and describe each attribute. 

Work Flow and Notifications

Build collaborative processes with workflows and notifications between different user groups.

Define and Measure Key Metrics

Establish metrics driven trusted data processes and policies. Demonstrate measurable ROI on data governance investments.

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