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Massively Scalable Matching

OpenDQ Massively Scalable Matching

OpenDQ revolutionary match technology scales from millions to hundreds of millions of records. The highly flexible fuzzy matching architecture enables organizations to move match jobs from a desk top/multi processor server to a clustered platform with hundreds of nodes seamlessly without any code changes. This simple yet powerful match architecture gives enterprises the power to process increasing data volumes without a significant increase in hardware and software costs.



Business Applications:

  • Duplicate detection and record linkage processes. 

  • Single view of the customer and customer data integration.  

  • Householding, clustering and customer grouping. 

  • Master data management and creation of the golden record of truth.

  • Fraud detection and compliance-related processes.

Key Features:

  • Scales from Desktop/Multiprocessor servers to general-purpose commodity clusters.

  • Simple deployment that requires no code changes.

  • Fault-tolerant architecture that supports node failures and job failures.

  • Clustering and failover capabilities for high availability, redundancy, and operational continuity.

Scale from a desktop to a cluster seamlessly

Multiprocessor Server

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