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Real Time Matching

OpenDQ Real-Time Matching

OpenDQ real-time match technology empowers organizations to identify and
detect existing data records across the enterprise in real-time preventing data
duplication and achieving the single view of enterprise data. OpenDQ real-time
match technology has complete flexibility to allow any type of enterprise data
including Customer data, Product data, Vendor data, Accounting data and other
data domains in an enterprise to be included in the real-time match process. 




Business Applications:

  • Prevent duplicate data from entering into the enterprise at the point of data capture.

  • Supports watch list compliance efforts with in the enterprise.

  • Enables the enterprise to get a 360-degree view of the customer.

  • Identify your customers in real-time and access associated transactions of your customer. 

Key Features:


  • High-performance matching capabilities, sub-second response time

  • even across a large volume of data records.

  • Ability to match data across multiple attributes using fuzzy matching algorithms.

  • Integrate data from multiple data sources including all the common databases, Excel spreadsheets, Text files, XML files, etc.

  • Integrated with Enterprise services bus (ESB) enables
    different protocols/applications to access the real-time matching functionality in the enterprise.

  • Clustering and failover capabilities for high availability, redundancy and operational continuity.

Support for over 100+ protocols

Cloud Apps

Mobile iOS Android 


Custom Applications


Internal Data Sources

External Data Sources

Matching Engine

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