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Experience the power and flexibility of our Data Management solutions on the Cloud when you need it without costly hardware and software investments

You Can!...With Infosolve Technologies innovative custom Cloud Solutions. Infosolve Technologies can  provide you Data management solutions powered by the industry leading Cloud Technology that provides maximum flexibility, scalability and reliability in a cost effective model. This solution is developed on an open source platform and addresses the key issue of utilization with a pay per use model—allowing your organization immediate access to the computing utility you need, when you need it, with a consistent price. Infosolve Technologies utilizes this technology solution to power many of its process intensive solutions, offering our clients highly flexible options, that can respond immediately to performance and scalability needs while maximizing their ROI. All with no licenses, term commitments, hardware, software  or physical space requirements!


It’s the Power of Zero Based Data solutions meeting your business computing needs immediately and within your budget!


To learn more about our cloud solutions please contact sales at or call 1-877-576-1957 Ext 203



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