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Does customer data with multiple identities restrict your mission critical business initiatives?

Data quality issues and data integration issues may be causing incomplete and repetitive views of your customer data, impacting your business’s ability to have a single view of your customer data to determine key trends and patterns.


With the Infosolve Technologies innovative OpenCDI solution you can gain comprehensive and immediate insight into your customer data. OpenCDI is built on Infosolve’s innovative Zero Based solution platform offering maximum flexibility with open source technology and high ROI. Infosolve’s team of experts will customize the OpenCDI solution to assure that all your business objectives are achieved with no extra costs for software.


OpenCDI integrates an end to end ETL platform to read and write data from a wide variety of data sources and targets, supporting the simplification of data integration from multiple sources and complex data transformations. With a completely integrated comprehensive data quality solution, OpenCDI ensures that bad data will not reach your CDI hub. OpenCDI features an easy to use web based GUI for corrections and analysis capabilities in the CDI repository. Banish multiple customer data views with Infosolve’s highly scalable, flexible, performance driven OpenCDI solution.


Leverage the power of your customer data as you never have and increase your business profitability with OpenCDI.


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